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  • Mar032020

    Kyanos is now on the map…

    The alternative protein map, that is. Now, where are we?

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  • Oct262018

    11th European Protein Summit honours Kyanos with an award for its patented technology

    Food professionals from all over Europe met up in Lille on 24 October. Kyanos Biotechnologies’ exclusive production process obtained the…

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  • Jul042018

    Kyanos successfully closes seed funding

      Local business angels just fueled Kyanos Biotechnologies’ project to develop its ground-breaking microalgae production process. Read more …

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  • May152017

    Fablab Festival – A great moment to discover our DIY Bioreactor

    We were happy to show off the DIY Bioreactor, (a joint project with CRITT Bio-Industries and Artilect FabLab) during the Fablab…

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  • Apr232017
    Doctor Who Kyanos Blue Green Algae 2

    Algae is the food of the future – Doctor Who agrees

    What’s the food of the future? If you watched Season 10 Episode 02 of Doctor Who – named “Smile”, you…

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  • Apr212017
    Vinh LY - Kyanos Biotechnologies

    We’re in the news…

    Kyanos Biotechnologies has featured its breakthrough technology during the MidInnov event back in January 2017. That was a great event…

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  • Aug302016

    On-going Scale Up

    Building a small factory is a big undertaking…  

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  • Aug292016

    Our Containerized Lab

    It’s difficult to find an environment that can remain clean and hot all year long. That’s why we started working…

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  • Aug292016

    A Fresh Start

    Something is cooking in Toulouse. After some intensive lab testing, we’ve successfully grown our first batch of Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae.…

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